The new UV Super Mini HyGenie ball pit ball washing machine is engineered and constructed to provide peak performance day after day. Your ballpool will stay cleaner with less effort and downtime. Balls are vacuumed from the ballpool, enter the stainless steel wash chamber, bathed in antibacterial detergent and pass through ultraviolet light. Then, the balls are blown back to the ballpoool. The process is continually automatic.

Independent biological laboratory tests confirm that the Mini HyGenie patented cleaning process, which combines antibacterial detergent washing and ultraviolet light removes over 94% of bacteria, including E.coli and other Coliform bacteria found on dirty ballpool balls. No competitor’s ball washer system comes close to the performance of the Mini HyGenie. And, when you promote the cleanliness of your ballpool, the word will spread fast to concerned parents.

The UV Super Mini HyGenie model is self-contained, not requiring connection to a fixed water supply and drain.

UV Mini
Model shown with mobile flexline air conveyance
Ball/Hour 8,000
Self Contained* Yes
Bad Ball Separator No
Color White
Casters or Pads Casters

*Self-contained means water and drain lines to the machine are NOT REQUIRED.

Length (In.) 29
Width (In.) 18.5
Height (In.) 36
Weight (Lbs.) 135
Volts 115
Hertz 60
Amperage 9
Amperage may vary with options. 50 Hertz operation available at 115 or 230 volts.

Patents: 5,373,597 | 5,454,877 | 5,669,096 | 5,931,611; | 6,122,906; | Des. 417,532 | GB 2,283,686 and other US and Foreign Patents Pending.

Model Number# UVSuperMini
Size (Feet)2.4 x 1.5 x 3(H)
Square Feet3.6
Size (Meters).7 x .5 x .9(H)
Square Meters.35
Age Ranges