About Our Products

Quality & Safety Standards

Indoor Playgrounds International is committed to only designing, distributing, and manufacturing indoor playgrounds that are in compliance with International Safety and Quality standards. Using only the finest materials and following a strict distributing and manufacturing process, we sell only safe, durable and well-designed indoor playgrounds..

Indoor Playgrounds Product Safety

When choosing a manufacturer, it is essential to ensure that your indoor playground equipment that you will purchase is of the highest quality as well as in compliance with the safety standards set for indoor playgrounds. The safety of the playground users are of the top priority for any indoor playground owners. Indoor playgrounds that do not meet the […]


LIMITED WARRANTY: Indoor Playgrounds International LLC warrants its products to the original customer to be free from structural failure due to defect in materials or workmanship during normal use and installation in accordance with our published specifications. The warranty shall commence on the date the playground is received by the customer and installation has been […]