Why Choose Us

Why Choose Indoor Playgrounds International?

As business owners ourselves we know how important it is to have the best equipment for your indoor playground and to get it at the best possible price. It is equally important to work with a reliable supplier for continued service and support. Indoor Playgrounds International is proud to say we meet all of these requirements. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by offering these unparalleled benefits.

Reliable Quality

reliable-qualityThe sustained success of your children’s play center depends on the reliability of your playground equipment. Indoor Playgrounds Int’l uses only the highest quality materials that surpass our competition and meet all international, US, and Canadian safety standards.

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The Best Support

Support_SymbolWe provide the best support to our customers far beyond the initial playground purchase.  This level and extent of service is how we show our customers we truly care about their success. Our pre-sale and after sales support will walk you through every stage of owning your own indoor playground, from generating ideas and themes, to keeping the playground business well maintained and profitable.


The Best Prices

best-priceOur playground manufacturers are conveniently located in the most advanced industrial area of China providing the foundation for highly efficient and low cost manufacturing power. This gives us the opportunity to pass on these cost savings to our customers and deliver a high quality yet low cost playground direclty to you.


Thinking of the Business Owner

playground-ownerWhen we design indoor playgrounds we put ourselves in the shoes of the playground owner.  Our experienced design team works closely with you to make sure your playground makes the best use of your space by using the right mix of play events creating the best play-ability and best visibility, while maximizing safety.  As a result of these practices, your playground will make a huge impact on both your customers and your bottom line.


The Largest Selection of Innovative Products

product-optionsTo stand out from competition the playground equipment must be more attractive, and new play events must be added over time to keep the playground modern and exciting. Our manufacturers have the largest selection of new and exciting product lines. We constantly strive to invent and introduce new products to the market place. This means that you get to select the most attractive equipment for your playground from the largest selection of products.

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Solutions That Meet Any Budget

budget1No matter what your business goal, a small indoor play area for the children of your neighborhood, or a large square foot full-scale family entertainment center, we will always have a solution for you. Our large variety of products enables us to meet any of your ambition and budget whatever they may be!


Turn-Key Services

turn-key-solutionIndoor playgrounds, or Family Entertainment Centers, will frequently include more than just playground equipment. Indoor Playgrounds Int’l is a one stop shop for all your entertainment needs. We can provide anything your FEC might need including laser tag, indoor mini golf, inflatables, furniture, redemption games, climbing walls, trampoline parks etc. The options are endless when you work with our Indoor Playgrounds Team.