Keep Your Ball Pit Clean

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Ball pits are one of the most popular areas of an indoor playground.  Understandably, they are also one of the biggest concerns for parents.  The cleanliness of ball pits is extremely important.  Indoor Playgrounds International highly recommends the UV Super Mini ball washer by HyGenie to handle this important task.  A small initial investment will end up saving the indoor playground owner money in the long run by cutting down on labor costs associated with keeping the play balls clean and sterile.

How it works

The HyGenie ball washer automatically vacuums balls from the ball pit.  They then pass through the wash chamber, where they are bathed in antibacterial detergent.  From there they pass through ultraviolet light, which aids in sterilization.  Finally, the balls are blown back into the ball pit. This self-contained machine is capable of washing 8,000 balls per hour.

Why HyGenie?

This patented cleaning process has be confirmed by an independent biological laboratory study to remove over 94% of bacteria, far surpassing any competitor.  It’s for this reason that Indoor Playgrounds International recommends the UV Super Mini HyGenie  to all indoor playground owners.