Laser Maze – Pro Pack

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Laser Maze is a fun, small footprint attraction where a player has to get through a room filled with laser beams without crossing them. Just like a spy movie! Players choose the game mode they want, as well as the difficulty level. The Laser Maze is good for any age.   

Pro pack includes 30 static laser beams, 2 moving laser beams, 5 buttons. It is optimal for a room with dimensions between 130-260 sq ft.





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Square Foot Range



Laser Maze is a fun, single-player game. Average game lasts between 1 – 1/2 minutes, with max games being up to 3 minutes – customize how you want. The player chooses the game mode and difficulty level, then presses start to begin the game. They enter the Laser Room and get through the web of laser beams. A beam will turn off if crossed, activated a light and sound alarm. Throughout the game the player will go from checkpoint to checkpoint and solve puzzles. The player wins if they pass all the checkpoints in time and didn’t cross too many lasers.

Safety & Quality Standards:

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